"Navbahor" Song and Dance Ensemble

"Navbahor" song and dance ensemble is a relatively young song and dance ensemble among the ensembles of the creative association. The ensemble was created in 2014, nowadays there are  28 artists in the ensemble, including 11 musicians, 4 singers and 11 ballet dancers. The team is led by Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Gulmira Madraximova. One of the main goal of the ensemble is to study Uzbek national song and dance and present the artistic works in high quality to the audience. The ensemble's team actively participates not only in the cultural events of the republic, but also in other foreign countries.

The ensemble is distinguished by diversity of the creative activity from other communities. It is worth noting that research on the methodology of Samarkand-Bukhara local area is being conducted. In a short time, “Navbahor” song and dance ensemble took part in several great events. In March artists of the team performed the dances of the relative nations in the joint concert of the artists of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in “Ruhiyat” Palace in Turkmenobod city.
The ensemble took part in the “gala” concert of our creative association as part of the “Bahor nafasi”  international music festival in “Istiqlol” art palace, in the concert program of Navruz national holiday and “Nazm va navo” event at the hall of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. Obviously, "Navbahor" song and dance ensemble is different from other teams by its international character.

The ensemble team consists mainly of young talented artists. The soloist of the ensemble Sherzod Kenzaboev became the winner of the national prize "Etirof-2017" in the nomination  "Best dancer of the year". The winner of international and republican contest Dilorom Madraximova  took part in the major concert program of  "Tajik-Uzbek Friendship" in Dushanbe, Regar cities on May 9-14 of this year. On June 3-10, ensemble dancers participated in great concert dedicated to Summit of Shanghai cooperation organization with the “Bouquet of dances” composition. 
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